Outer Banks Perseids Meteor Shower Time Lapse

After many painful delays the time lapse video from my outer banks vacation is complete. I was lucky enough to be down there at the height of the perseids meteor shower during the new moon. So many variables came together and I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Filmed over the course of one week in august 2015.

Equipment used:
Magic Lantern
2x Canon 5d mk3
Canon 50mm f/ 1.2
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Rhino Evo Slider with Motion



South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2015

Miami, beautiful warm Miami.  Wow,  what an amazing location for a food and wine festival.  Right on the beach, warm weather, blue ocean can it get any better?  Im sold.  Oh right we were supposed to be talking about this video.  Here it is!  South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2015.  Dynamic Productions doing what they do best for Amstel and Strong Bow beer's.  A little bit of everything for your viewing pleasure, time lapse, behind the scenes, and activation.  Enjoy!

Dos Equis Masquerade 2014

I know you all have been waiting ever so diligently, but wait NO MORE!  The full video for the Dos Equis Masquerade put on by Dynamic Productions is finally here for your viewing pleasure.  The venue could barely contain the crazy shenanigans that took place that night.  

With appearances by  none other than "The Most Interesting Man in the World"  and Q-Tip on the turntables.  We just about blew the roof off.  Watch below and enjoy!

NYC Wine and Food Festival 2014 Double Feature

We have a double feature for todays update!  The NYC Wine and Food Festival was so big it needed two separate videos.  One takes a look at the set up and behind the scenes work that goes into putting an event like this together.

The second  video is the actual event.  Hope you enjoy! 

#NYCWFF - NYC Wine and Food Festival Sneak Peak

This past week I worked with Dynamic Productions to cover the NYC Wine and Food Festival.  This was held at Pier 94/92 off the west side highway in NYC.  It was a great event with dozens of vendors and thousands of people in attendance.  I covered the hard work done by the crews of Dynamic Productions and Warren Moore Events.


I pulled out every trick in the book to cover this event!  Timelapse, glidecam, slider, photos, aerials, EVERYTHING!  Long grueling hours were spent capturing every step of the way from start to finish.  Hope you enjoy this sneak peak and stay tuned for the video coming soon!

Winston's Tribute

The day started like any other real estate photo shoot.  After a brief introduction with Julie the realtor and June the homeowner,  I am given the usual tour of the home.  Upon reaching the kitchen I meet Winston, the family dog.  As if you couldn't tell,  I am a dog lover.  As I kneel down to greet this happy little pooch, Julie informs me that today was the unfortunate day that Winston was going to be put to sleep  :(  


For the next three hours as I did my business photographing the house,  all I could think of was how sad the situation was.  After finishing up I realized I had extra time before my next shoot.  So I asked June if it would be ok if I could use that time to take a few photos of Winston.  And with that for the next 40 minutes Winston became the star of the show!


I felt honored to be able to capture some of Winston's last moments of his life.  He even got to sit up on the couch for the first time!  This one's for you buddy!

Astrophotography and Time-lapse!

I took a trip down to North Carolina with my family,  while I was there I took the opportunity to try my hand at a little bit of Astrophotography and time-lapse.  We stayed in Frisco on the outer banks.  Conditions were pretty great as a new moon was just around the corner.  

I spend a handful of nights testing out different settings on my cameras with much success as well as a few failures.  All in all I had a blast and got some great shots as well as some fantastic footage.  Hope you enjoy!